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Concrete and Asphalt Products in Sydney

Municipal Ready-Mix Ltd. can supply all the concrete and asphalt you need for general construction and road construction projects in Industrial Cape Breton We supply industrial contractors in Sydney and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Our concrete and asphalt products include:

  • Ready-Mixed Concrete

  • Asphalt

  • Calcium Chloride

  • Portland Cement

  • Fly-Ash

  • Water Reducing Agent

  • Concrete Retarder

  • Superplasticizer

  • Air Entrainment

  • Concrete Accelerators

  • Concrete Curing Agent

  • Concrete Release Agent

  • Shrinkage Fiber

  • Structural Fiber

  • Integral Tints

Contact us for more information about our road and general construction services.

Need Asphalt or Concrete? We deliver large and small loads
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